What is Hoop?

Hoop Messenger is a messaging app, currently available on Android & iOS that focuses on speed, security, privacy, and fun. With Hoop, you can send photos, videos, and documents friends and loved ones. When it comes to security, Hoop has a patent pending Vault, a password protected secure container, where you can protect chats with other Hoop users. The Vault also allows you to store photos, videos, and documents if you want to keep them private. All content within the Vault is encrypted with AES 256 keys.

Is Hoop secure?

Yes! Chats within the Vault are end-to- end encrypted after you see a message about establishing encryption. Our aim is to make all chats end-to-end encrypted soon.

How can I invite friends?

  • Open Hoop Messenger
  • Go to Contacts
  • Scroll down until you see the name of the contact you want to add
  • Next to the name you should see an invite button
  • Click Invite!
  • You will receive a notification once your friend joins Hoop.

How can I add my friends without their number?

If your friend already has Hoop but is not in your contact list, go to Settings and click on your profile (Your Name). Under your profile, you should see “User ID: #######”. Click and hold that number until ”Copy” pops up or slide left if on iOS. Copy the link and send it to your friend. Once they click on the link, Hoop will automatically add you to their contact list. You can also add their number to your contact list on your phone.

How can I add email to use Remote Delete?

You can add your email to activate Remote Delete in the Hoop store, once added you can access our website to remote delete your device!

How does the Vault work?

The Vault is a secure container that encrypts chats, photos, documents, and videos. The Vault is encrypted with AES256 keys mapped with PBKDF2. Chats within the Vault are also end-to-end encrypted. All content is encrypted on your phone and in the cloud.

The Vault also offers two additional password settings – Fake Password and Destruction Password and a Fake Password. Fake Password is a false password that opens an empty Vault to display an empty vault. Destruction Password is created delete all content within the vault via showing false decrypting animation. This method should only be used if, for some reason, you need to delete everything inside the Vault. To set up a Fake or Destruction password go to Settings, then Vault settings, and then proceed to set up your passwords.

How can I reset my Vault password?

You can reset your Vault password by going to Settings, then clicking on Vault settings. There you will see a box allowing you to reset your Vault password.
Please Note: Resetting your Vault password does not give you access to encrypted information. Resetting a password will delete all your encrypted content within the Vault and in the Cloud.

So ALWAYS try remember your password!

Happy Hooping

Happy Hooping

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